Sunday, February 22, 2009

Where's the camera?

Thursday in Mexico (it was almost a month ago, but it feels like last week, so just indulge me...) had quite the lack of photos for documentation. Oopsie. But I've learned my lesson before and don't take expensive electronic gadgets kayaking with me anymore.

Sean and I went in to Cabo San Lucas and rented some kayaks with Dustin, Liz, and Ryan. We paddled over from Medano Beach to Lover's Beach by the Cabo Arches at Land's End. It was so cool--the rocks, the beaches--that we decided that we'd need to get the boys over to Lover's Beach (and Divorce Beach) before the trip was over. Since we were leaving Saturday, we incorporated it into a fabulous Friday...more on that later. With pictures, even!
Thursday night, we went in to San José del Cabo to the weekly Art Walk. Very cool! So much more culture to San José del Cabo than Cabo San Lucas (or maybe it all depends on the type of culture you want). Sean and I talked Guyan into coming along to appreciate the Mexican art.

A very tired Guyan wasn't too interested in the outing, until an ice cream from Uncle Dustin at the plaza fountain came to the rescue.

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