Thursday, February 5, 2009

Off We Go to Mexico!

I'm a little late in getting to the blogging about Mexico, but "real life" hit us quickly upon our return. But I should be able to pound out a few posts...I figure about six ought to cover it.

The week before our flight, the Bellingham to Seattle 5:40 a.m. leg had been canceled every day. The fog was terrible! Not wanting to chance a cancellation, we rented a minivan with my parents to drive down to Seattle at 3:00 a.m. My mom was worried the boys (Guyan especially) would be difficult to rouse, and it might be hard getting everyone in the van on time.

But this early rise was for vacation, not school or work! All it took was "wake up guys, off we go to Mexico!" and they were up and at 'em. The early wakening also helped with naps on the plane.
This was taken as we were flying into the airport. From close comparisons with Google Earth, I figured out that this picture is of the area between San Jose del Cabo (where we stayed) and Cabo San Lucas. Just a little more to the east, and I could pinpoint our hotel!
And here we are getting off the plane...don't Sean and Guyan look like moles, squinting at the sun? We are from Northwest Washington, after all! Nothing a week in Mexico can't take care of...

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