Sunday, February 22, 2009

Deke's Birthday Party

Wednesday night was time to celebrate Deke's birthday. Mom stuffed the adults' piñata with gift cards to stores back home, paying careful attention not to get any cards to Circuit City, Linens & Things, or any others that may be out of business before our return. Dustin prepared a feast for us all with some of the fish we'd caught Tuesday--YUM!!--and some non-fish option for the non-fish lovers in the group--Dad, Guyan, poopers.

When it came time for the piñata, we found the right place (a palm tree), the right holder (Guyan), and the right "blindfold" (a Mexican wrestling mask). Go figure.
Debby takes a whack at it...

Then Liz....

After the pinatas, Deke, Debby, Dustin, Liz and Ryan ventured down to Cabo San Lucas to take in the nightlife...I'd venture to say they had fun. Sean and I are an old married couple, and we were tired... The party animals did learn a couple lessons, though--like always ask how much the drinks are before you order them. It's about a $10 per drink difference...
I think Ryan may have had the most fun. He was chosen (or more likely, volunteered) to participate in some "competition" with this nice hot thang. A highlight of his trip. :-) I've heard there's video of this competition out there somewhere. I should really get to know how to navigate YouTube.

Then again, maybe Debby had the most fun. She was wearing the sombrero, after all.

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