Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Mrs. Cool, would you please come pick up Guyan?"

Guyan went to school today feeling fine. About an hour in (at the end of his geology test), he complained to the teacher that he had a headache. He went down to the office, and his temperature was 99. Given that Cascadia has about 25% of their student body out, and many children have thrown up in their classrooms, they decided it was time to call me. Not a problem--I don't fault them for it.

I picked him up, and took his temperature when we got home. 97. Took it on another thermometer. 97.4. Apparently the boy runs cold. Two hours later--97.1. He's fine.

But he, and his brother, think this is a free day. "Can we play Wii? computer? Watch Flushed Away?" Continued nagging led to the posting of this sign.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Girls AND Boys have Cooties

Fridays are our Alice Days. Both of them are in part-time Kindergarten, and have Fridays off. This makes for some great playdates (or several hours of staving off arguments, as was the case last weekend due to Owen's mood, but we'll focus on the positive today...).

Today they found the Cooties game, and for the past hour or two, have been making up all sorts of imagination stories with their Cootie creations. Owen doesn't often get the female perspective during his playtime, but he seems to be reacting to it well when it comes from Alice.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Home Grown Harvest

Like every other year, the boys wanted to plant pumpkins. Unlike every other year, they actually thought about it early enough in the season that we could do it!

But pumpkins take up a lot of space, so using our own backyard garden wasn't feasible. It was much more fun to plant about ten seeds in grandma's dahlia patch/vegetable garden. Grandma and Grandpa share this patch with their neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Hunt. There's been a bounty crop of Roma tomatoes (and since neither my mom nor Mrs. Hunt do any canning, I took my fair share and more off their do some canning), and there are three Hubbard Squash that look like "something out of invasion of the body snatchers," according to Sean. They'll be harvested in the next week or so, if they don't hatch first.

But back to the pumpkins. We planted some Giant Pumpkins, and some of the Jack-o'-Lantern variety. Today, we harvested three Giants, and nine Jack-o'-Lanterns. There are five more Jack-o'-Lanterns that need to "orange up" a bit more, but we'll be back for them. We were all ready to share with Mrs. Hunt and my mom, but Mrs. Hunt very effectively talked us into taking home two Giants and seven Jack-o'-Lanterns. Now to come up with a theme for the carving...

As for pictures...we forgot the camera. But I did have my phone, which takes incredibly bright, low quality pictures. I played around with the color since the pictures were pretty bad anyway...sorry if I hurt your eyes!