Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jesus provides transport to Lover's Beach

Oh vey. How do I remember it when it's over two months ago? Debby is probably thankful...but some things I'll never forget. However, some things won't go into the blog (as promised).

We started out Friday morning in Mexico with a trip to Lover's Beach. We knew it was going to be a good day when a nice clean taxi van pulled over and offered us a ride for cheaper than the bus fare. At least, in my book, that meant it would be a good day. Our very nice taxi driver also set us up with a very cool water taxi guy. If you're ever in Cabo, say "hi" to Jesus for us--"Chooey" for short (did you ever know Jesus had a nickname?).

Chooey took us over to the arches to get a few pictures. I think I took about a five minute interval or so. It was such a sunny day that most the pictures on the water taxi have awful lighting....boohoo, I'm whining about the sunshine. Good thing you can't throw things at me over the internet.

Then Chooey dropped us off at Lover's Beach. A highlight for Guyan was Uncle Deke, Sean and I burying the kids in the sand--Guyan was a squid, Dory was a mermaid, and Owen was (very briefly, before he couldn't lay still anymore) a manta ray.

The kids, Sean and I also found thousands of tiny crabs (about your thumbtip in size) in the rocks. Awesome. Creepy.

After the Lover's Beach side, we had to go over to Divorce Beach. That was probably one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. Blue blue ocean, beautiful churning surf, hills of sand...fabulous. Owen liked it too and posed for some cute pictures.

Later, he and Sean chased the waves. I tried to push away my nerves--the surf was CRAZY. Thankfully, they never went deeper than their ankles. I think Sean understands my anxieties well.

And next, the whale watching tour...

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