Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Swear I Thought I Blogged About This...

I logged on this morning to blog about our most recent summer adventures, and realized I hadn't blogged about ANY. How can this be? How did I miss the field trip to Seattle? to Seaside? visitin with family? All of that? I know how. I post pictures to Facebook, make a caption, and then after a few days of percolating, I remember that as my blog post. Just not the same. So, in a nutshell, here's what we've been up to in the last month or so.

The day after school let out, the boys and I went on a field trip to Seattle. We visited the Pike Place Market and picked up some Father's Day gifts for Sean, and also saw the gum wall, also at Pike Place Market. It's just below where the Fish Market or Market Spice Shop, on Post Alley.

The boys rated it Disgusting and Cool at the same time. I concur.

Next stop on that field trip was the Seattle Public Library. An architectural marvel built during the boom times of the late '90's. I don't think Ferndale's new library will be anything like it (doesn't fit the "Pioneer Theme" that some vocal Ferndalians are pushing hard for).

Did I mention this field trip was also with Grandma Black? She drove, took us out to dinner, and went along with all our tourist destinations of choice...just as long as we went with her to the Pacific Fabric Outlet and picked up Baby Nolan from the airport (he stayed with Grandma while Liz had a conference in Seattle).

Love this picture--it's at the highest public access point of the library.

Our next adventure, for the boys and I, was to Seaside, Oregon, with Grandma and Grandpa Black, and Uncle Deke and Cousin Dory. Deke had secured a three bedroom apartment on the eight floor. Awesome!

The kids played on the beach (a little too chilly to play in the ocean, though)...

...and Deke, Dory, Guyan and I paddled boats. HARD WORK.

On the way back from Seaside, we stopped in Tacoma to meet up with Sean and visit with Aunt Traci, and Cousins Justine and Tanisha. This was about two weeks before Justine and Darryl's baby boy Zy'Rheel was born, July 10th. Congratulations to them! While we were at this park, the boys found a frisbee that has since become an important part of our summer vacation.

Now we're getting close to present day. This past weekend our whole family went to White Rock, BC to play on the beach. It has got to be the nicest beach and beach town around here. I love it. The boys played frisbee for a while out on a sandbar when the tide was out.

After the beach, we trudged up the hill (not sure of the grade, but think San Francisco-hill-type). We thought this would be a difficult climb for the boys, but they loved it. Owen stopped a couple times...but only to do some jumping jacks and push-ups. Love it.

At the top of the hill, we stopped for some silliness...

...before the races started. This was the Tour de White Rock Criterion. The Men's Professional race was 60 km--sixty times around a 1 km block. Very fast, and very cool.

Right in the center of the photo, you can see a guy in a light blue jersery with orange glasses. He was the eventual winner, and this was the point in the race that he was lapping the pack.

Success! His name is Svein Tuft, and he also won the 130 km Road Race the next day.

And finally, to yesterday. The boys and I went up to Stanley Park to meet up with some friends (Carla, Cavan, and Tommy Lyons) to bike around Stanley Park. Guyan and I had it easy on our fancy bikes with gears, but Owen really had to work! Small bike, small legs, 5+ miles. He did it without complaining (even in my Bad Mom moment of forgetting to have him drink water as we went--it wasn't hot, and I just forgot...) and was an incredible trooper.

And lastly, Guyan played a little golf after the bike ride, and the Lyons went home. Both boys said this was their favorite part at Stanley Park--Guyan, the putting, and Owen, the caddying for his brother. A great match.