Monday, February 16, 2009

Before I Forget....

Life has been so busy here. So much is happening, but I refuse to blog about it until I get all my Mexico memories documented. So I should continue...

Tuesday night, after the fishing trip, we went to the Fiesta at the hotel. Buffet, entertainment, the whole deal.

They also invited up guest couples to compete for prizes--Liz & Dustin, Deke & Debby, and Sean & I were all up there. It was a blast--one of the competitions was "show us the most passionate, meaningful kiss." Liz & Dustin, being private folk, pecked each other on the cheek. Deke & Debby, being improv comedy veterans, gave a very "dramatic," very funny rendition. Sean & I couldn't compete...we just went with a re-enactment of our first kiss. Sweet, but didn't require advanced dramatic training :-)

Unfortunately, those pictures are on the camera of a silbling who hasn't yet sent me a CD (those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, as I haven't sent out my 400+ pictures yet, either).

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