Monday, February 16, 2009

Piñatas y cucarachas

Wednesday morning, Sean and I listened to a time share presentation. Lovely, but no thanks. Yes, it's beautiful, but no thank you. Yes, we love vacations, but really, no. Yes, we're cheap people with no timeshare in our financial plan right now, so can we please please please go and take our kids to Cabo San Lucas? Please??? Thank you. And yes I'll take my pesos and restaurant gift certificate. Muchas gracias.

So our family and my mom and dad all got on the bus for our adventure down into Cabo San Lucas. Sean had gone down on Monday for the wave runners (sorry, no pictures), but it was mine and the kids' first time. Owen fell asleep on the bus right before we got off. But I couldn't resist getting this picture of my Love Bug. A few weeks before we left for Mexico, he asked how you say Love Bug in Spanish...La Cucaracha was the best I could do.

Another tourist attraction...Lord Black's Showgirls. My maiden name is Black, and my dad is the President of the Street Deacons Car Club. They're a pretty devout group (to their cars and the other Higher Power), so I found the "Lord Black" juxtaposed with the "Showgirls" quite funny. The piñata in the picture adds a special touch, don't you think? And I don't even think I had had anything to drink yet that day.

The boys also bought one of their big souvenirs on this trip. These are wrestling masks, or something like that. Kinda creepy in my opinion, but the boys loved them. They wore them almost all the way back to the hotel on the bus.

And of course, one of our main purposes of this jaunt to Cabo San Lucas was to find piñatas for the birthday celebrations--Deke and Guyan--later in the week. Guyan got the big one, and Deke got the small one. We were set for celebrations!

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