Thursday, June 26, 2008

Here we go....

I promise I will not waste hours of time blogging.
I promise I will not become obsessed.
I promise I will share photos and happenings of family members via this blog.
I promise I will remind myself of my promises often.
And with that, I start the "Such a Cool Family!" blog.

I think these photos of Guyan doing a perfect cannonball fit the occasion.

The boys have been taking swimming lessons for the past week and a half, and jumping off the diving board is a favorite for both of them. The swimming part is coming along--Guyan has flashes of brilliance alternating with moments of panic. So it goes! In the picture below, Owen (the little speck in the orange swim trunks) is being coaxed off the diving board by Elsa, his favorite swim instructor ever. He just loves her...

And so that I won't go overboard on this blogging thing, I'll be signing off for now...