Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Earning Your Ice Cream

I had another hare-brained idea for the tandem while we were at Depoe Bay.  The Oregon Coast is renowned for cycling, and a long hilly bike ride seemed as good an idea as any, in my opinion.  Not in the opinion of my extended family; most of them thought it was cah-RAE-zee, but kept their opinion largely to themselves.  We decided on a route from Depoe Bay to the Tillamook Cheese (and ice cream!) factory.  The map says 58.06 miles, but my GPS watch said 60.89.  I’m going with my watch.


Those two big hills?  Yeah.  BIG.  I’m glad I didn’t see them before we set off on the bike ride.  Coming back in the car with the tandem loaded on top, I was quite impressed that we made it up and over them!

The scenery was beautiful, and the company was fantastic.  It was a great way to spend the 15th anniversary of when we first met.


Say “cheese!”


And “ice cream!!!”


(just in case you’re thinking the boys did this crazy ride, ummm, NO.  The rest of the family came up in cars, and kindly brought our children, our bike rack, and our vehicle with them.)

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