Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Boy, A Girl, and Their Bicycle

With the boys sent off to camp, Sean and I had to do something spectacular, something out of the ordinary, something we’d never done before.  How about taking our newly acquired tandem bicycle camping on Lopez Island?  No car, no showers, minimal supplies.  Just us, the open road, and plenty of scenery.  Sounds great, yes?

That’s why we did it for only one night.  To test out this crazy idea.

The benefits of bike camping are numerous.  For starters, you get to load onto the ferry first, and it’s much cheaper than the car fare.



You can fit a hammock in with your gear.


Solitude with your husband.  You can only fit two people on a tandem, especially if your kids no longer fit in one of those trailer thingies.


You can fit a hammock in with your gear.


It’s much faster and lighter than a John Deere tractor, and no diesel fumes.  The John Deere Club spent their weekend on Lopez as well—we only saw them on the ferry).


You can fit a hammock in with your gear.


Your husband, if he’s a regular cyclist, will look similar to this.  If you’re the stoker on the tandem (in back), you’ll get an up close view of his sexy back.


You can fit a hammock in with your gear.


The walk-in/bike-in sites have views like this.


Next year, when the kids go to Camp Orkila, I hope to do at least two nights of bicycle camping.  Highly recommended.

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