Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Grinding with My Husband

Minds out of the gutter, people.  I’m talking about the Grouse Grind here.

Sean and I went up on July 4th—figured it would be a good day to avoid the weekend crowds, and Canadians wouldn’t have the 4th of July off like Sean did.  The boys had a sleepover with their cousins Nathan and Lindsay, and Sean and I made it up and back by noon.

It was grueling.  Hard.  Sweaty.  Perfect.  Sean made it up (his FIRST TRY!) in 46 minutes, 45 seconds.  Crazy!  …maybe next time he’ll break the 45 minute mark.  The man has to have a goal.  I was very pleased with my time—51:02, which was about 1:40 shorter than my last trip a month prior.  I’m planning another trip at the end of July too…I’m hooked.  Too bad it takes and hour or more to get there.

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