Thursday, August 2, 2012

Everyone Loves a Parade

My sister’s family and my mom and dad all brought their bikes down to Oregon as well.  One of the first mornings, we rode them from the timeshare into Depoe Bay…thirteen of us along the Oregon Coast Highway, up some big hills, spread out, taking turns into the neighborhoods, getting lost, Sean dumping me on the tandem.

I wouldn’t call that bike ride a success.

However, a few days later, we tried again.  This time there were a few less of us (Dave, Cindy, Nathan and Lindsey had left for home), and the timeshare presenter had told us about a flat, scenic ride along the Yaquina River.  Not too much traffic, and we could go as long as we wanted.  She wasn’t too helpful with the timeshare presentation, but her bike route recommendation was excellent.


And an added bonus on this bike ride?  An old tractor in a field just waiting for a photo shoot.  Glad to oblige.


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