Thursday, July 12, 2012


Soon after we moved to Ferndale, we met another family, the Bergmans.  Our families have been friends for the past eight years.  Great times over the years.  Lots and lots.
Back in March, Dan made the decision to end his own life.  So much behind it, so much that we’ll never understand, so much that will never make any sense to anyone except maybe Dan.
Henry and Alice, Dan and Michelle’s kids, have been friends with our kids from the very start of our Ferndale days.  I’ve watched them grow up right beside my own kids, and will continue to for quite a while, I ‘d guess.  I asked Michelle if I could use some of Dan’s button-down shirts to make quilts for both of the kids.  Thankfully, she and the kids said yes.
IMG_0404The first shirt to be cut.
Some of the large quilts I’ve made have taken a year or so to complete.  These quilts helped me deal with my own grief from losing a friend and one of my husband’s best friends.  I was consumed, and they took me just over a month.  The quilts were completed just before the internment services for Dan’s ashes.  I hope that the kids find some comfort in these quilts in the coming years.  Many years from now, I hope the quilts are still around—well-loved, but used to tell Henry’s and Alice’s own descendants of their dad.  He was a great man with a big heart, especially for his kids, and he will be missed.

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