Saturday, August 18, 2012

Family Camp at Silver Lake

For the past six or seven years, my girlfriends and I have had a girls’ weekend in the early spring.  For the past couple of years, we’ve all talked about having a second girls weekend in the fall, but it hasn’t materialized.  That’s okay though…because last year, we started up the Family Camp tradition.  Granted, not all of the dozen girlfriends like camping, so some may never see the dirt of the campsite. 
But Kerry, Michelle, and me?  We were in from the start, and our kids loved it—it was a highlight for their summer.  Matthew and Sean—they bonded through Ladder Ball.  And this year, Cecile and Kim and their kids joined us as well.
We barely took any photos at the campsite, but we did get a couple of the Orange Cake dessert—vanilla cake batter filled into hollowed out oranges, then wrapped in foil and baked in the campfire.  Yummy!  And so much better than last year’s “Smoky Cherry Chocolate Cake” (smoky is code for burnt).
Next year, we’ll be back.  August 23-25, in case you need to mark your calendars.

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