Friday, August 3, 2012

Cape Lookout (‘cause it’s a long way down!)

After the dunes, we headed off to our real hike of the day at Cape Lookout.  This location is supposed to be just about the best place for whale watching along the Oregon Coast without getting in a boat.  With all the whales we had already seen during our vacation from the timeshare, I was hopeful.

The hike was awesome.  The marine clouds from earlier in the day had cleared out, and we had beautiful views and great weather.  But alas, no whales.  The views would have to do.


He’s my best friend.  How did I get so lucky?


This was a very very steep cliff down to the water.  You can’t tell very much from the picture, but perhaps you get the gist from the tension in Sean’s chest and arms, and that nervous smile?


Or maybe from my look as I scold Guyan to stop goofing off for the picture, or else we will plunge down to our certain deaths?


Or maybe you can judge the height from this picture—and this cliff wasn’t nearly as steep and high as the others.


On the drive back to the timeshare, the kids promptly fell asleep.  So cute.  Sean said it makes him feel like he’s doing a good job as a parent when they’re so tuckered out after a day of fun that they fall asleep in the car.  Yep, he’s doing a good job.


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Michelle said...

Even Guyan fell asleep? That was a fun day!