Friday, August 10, 2012

Steppin’ Out on Sauk Mountain

I found a great website this summer.  It’s for the Washington Trails Association and has all sorts of information about hikes in Washington State (duh).  I did a search for a hike of yada yada distance within yada yada miles from home, and turned up with Sauk Mountain.  The trip reports sounded awesome.  The weather was awesome.  But alas, our upcoming weekend had plans (no idea what—I am two months late in posting about this), and our regular hiking partners, the Bergmans couldn’t make the hike on a weekday.  I had to find a substitute group, otherwise my children would be potentially be a whining mess that I’d need to haul up the mountain.  That wasn’t something I wanted to deal with, so I called Marnie.  Their family does backpacking, and Sully is a great friend of Guyan’s (and very nice to Owen).  She said yes, and it was a great match.

The trail was about four miles, with lots of switchbacks.  LOTS—some guy on the way down told us there were more than thirty.  The wildflowers were out, and the views were incredible.  This hike seemed to pack more views in for less effort—views for 90% of the hike.  Incredible.



Near the top, there was a small crop of rocks, and a marmot just sitting there watching us.  He’s right here in the middle of this picture, like a giant guinea pig.  The boys named him Marmot Joe.


We got to the top, and the views did not stop—355 degrees (there was one rock that blocked a tiny little part of the view).  Owen gave it a thumbs up.  My, I do believe he’s turning into a hiker.


He gets a thumbs up from me too.

Me & Owen

This is Hailey, Sully’s sister and the only one of us to have the guts to climb up on one of the tallest rocks at the summit.  I love this picture.

CIMG0189Cools and Smiths

On our way back down, I kept thinking how thrilled I was with the hike.  We were going to have to come back to share it with Sean and our regular hiking buddies, too.


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