Friday, October 9, 2009

Girls AND Boys have Cooties

Fridays are our Alice Days. Both of them are in part-time Kindergarten, and have Fridays off. This makes for some great playdates (or several hours of staving off arguments, as was the case last weekend due to Owen's mood, but we'll focus on the positive today...).

Today they found the Cooties game, and for the past hour or two, have been making up all sorts of imagination stories with their Cootie creations. Owen doesn't often get the female perspective during his playtime, but he seems to be reacting to it well when it comes from Alice.


Michelle said...

Cooties! Awesome. Alice had great fun today. She's very proud of her artwork, such as it is. :-) Yeah for Alice/Owen Fridays!

Aimee said...

I used to love the cooties game. Better than mister potato head, that's for sure.