Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tulip time

Last weekend, the family humored me and piled into the car for a half-day road trip to the tulip fields. The blooms were spectacular, and the weather was perfect for it.

Owen in particular was a trooper. He knows that some of my favorite field trip photos come from a tulip outing he and I went on with some friends several years ago. Anytime I asked him to jump out of the car and smile for me, he was willing.

Sean even took a break from playing chaffeur and had his picture taken with me. He was so overcome with the beauty of the day, he had to close his eyes, apparently.

Guyan? He wasn't into it so much. Can't win them all, I guess.
I must thank him though--after taking this "awfully boring picture," he did sit very quietly in the car reading his books for the next hour or two. No complaining! Works for me.

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