Saturday, April 17, 2010

Creepy Crawlies Tour

The boys have participated in classes and day camps at Tennant Lake for the past few years. Basically, Tennant Lake offered relatively low-cost "get your hands dirty" science classes that focused on ecosystems and nature. Guyan is in his element in that setting, and Owen seems to be following suit.

Unfortunately, the funds were cut for programs at Tennant Lake, and our favorite naturalist, Holly, no longer works there. I was beginning to wonder how we could fill the gap...we do family field trips and hikes, but having an environmental scientist to guide the explorations is SO MUCH MORE FUN!!!

So I've kept in contact with Holly through Facebook and email...thankfully! She posted something a couple weeks ago about a short hike/program that the Whatcom Land Trust was coordinating. It was a Creepy Crawlies Tour specifically for kids. Awesome!

We went today, and even though it was wet and cold, we had a blast. The boys loved it, we learned some new things (there are leeches in local ponds...yech!), and we're hoping that we can find more ways to fill the Tennant Lake gap during the summer.
(above--that's a leech)
(please, sir, won't you allocate funds for Nature Day Camp?)

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