Sunday, January 31, 2010

Guyan's Geyser

For Guyan's birthday, we had a small birthday party with Owen, and their/my cousins Lindsey and Nathan. We did the Harry Potter theme, with two classes...Herbology and Potions.

In Herbology, we transplanted Mandrakes (Venus Flytraps). Thank goodness they were mute (although the children, later in the sleepover, definitely were not).

In Potions, the students were given Levitation Pills (Mentos) that they needed to charm, and then use to levitate their pre-made potions. Hermione (Lindsey) tried first with her Sanguination Serum. Pretty impressive (and the photo timing wasn't so bad, either). You would expect nothing less from Hermione.

Next came Owen (Neville) with his Elixir de Fuego. Knowing that the photo timing would probably not be quite so good the next time, we switched to video. Good thing. Neville's performance was...what you'd expect from Neville.

Next up, Ron (Nathan), with his Essence of Illumination. Apparently his Levitation Pills were not charmed correctly.

And finally, Harry Potter (Guyan), with the Dark Arts Deflector Serum (of course). Hermione had lots of advice for him.

Apparently he's been studying the Half Blood Prince's textbook again.


Michelle said...


Hope Guyan had an awesome birthday. Next year - double digits. Whoa...

Cutzi said...

How fun!!

Kim C. said...

WOW! What a neat birthday idea. Looks like it was tons of fun. Happy Birthday Guyan!