Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tree trimming at the Cools

Since I'm on a roll (and I have pictures), we got the tree up in the house and decorated. Sean's always in charge of the lights, with just a bit of input from me ("you missed a spot"). I spent the time making fudge and listening to the Carpenters Christmas album...and the fudge s*cked! I thought fudge was a recipe that couldn't go wrong. Apparently, I can make it go wrong.
Since we didn't have time that first night to get the ornaments on the tree, Guyan and Owen busied themselves with making Zoomorph creatures to hang on the tree. (Zoomorphs are "build and animal" toys that the boys love--but they never make a normal animal. Donkey's body, fins for arms, elephant trunks for legs, and an insect head. Voila! Zoomorph creature.)

And Owen, overcome with either the excitement of a ladder or a Christmas tree in the house, gave final inspection of the lights. It passed inspection, and he didn't fall (phew!).

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