Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A-hunting we will go

This year, we decided to venture out to the mountains again in search of our Christmas tree. We did it the first two years we lived in Ferndale, but on the second year our vehicle almost slid off a cliff (with only Sean in it). The thought of raising two boys by myself kept me to tree farms for 2006 and 2007.

But this year, the snow hasn't really started falling in the mountains yet, so we figured we could get up into the mountains pretty high and get that a perfect tree that's tall, au naturel (read: sparse, just how I like 'em) and only $10 (not counting the gas money and full day's work).

The views were great--we could see Mt. Baker and its glaciers between the clouds. This, of course, led to an impromptu lesson from our resident geologist to his budding prodigy. Good thing the boy likes science.

We stopped for a couple posed pictures...

...before the snowfights started. See that snowball in Guyan's hand? And see me telling him he'd "better not"? For the record, he didn't get me...but I pegged him later.

And of course, as mountain tree hunting goes, we *finally* found the tree with only about 20 minutes of daylight left. STRESS. It was about 15 feet tall, and (we think) a Silver Fir. Really nice. And the guy that loads them on your car? Very sweet--his personality makes up for his lack of knot-tying talents.

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