Sunday, December 21, 2008

She's Crafty!

Every year, I like to make at least one gift by hand...this year, I made a lot more than one, and I am really excited by the results. So much so, I couldn't wait to post pictures. But given that many of the gifts are for some of you readers out there, I can't post most of them. But I can post the ones I made for Owen's preschool teachers (they were Guyan's teachers when he was in preschool too), since I already delivered them, and the teachers all opened them. I think they were a hit!

This is Ms. Patty, the assistant teacher. She doesn't run any individual classes; she just runs the whole program, it seems. She also works at the Ferndale Library and goes to Jazzercise--our lives are forever entwined with Ms. Patty's.

This is Mrs. Eggink. She was the boys' Purple Class teacher (the classes are referred to by colors of the rainbow, hence all the rainbow theme in the wall hangings).

And this is Mrs. Johnson, the boys' Blue Class teacher, and Owen's current teacher.

The boys and I delivered them all yesterday, since preschool and the Christmas program were cancelled due to snow. Oh! I should definitely thank mom for the fabric, buttons, brooches, use of the sewing machine, etc., etc. It wouldn't have happened without her stuff and tutelage. Thanks, Mom. :-)

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Michelle said...

They're awesome! Great job. I can't wait to see them hanging on the CLCP walls.