Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Picture from our Summer Vacation

Yay! The problem with posting pictures fixed itself (Lord knows it had nothing to do with me!). So here goes!

Like I said, we stopped a lot for geocaches for the DeLorme Challenge in Washington. This is at a Pioneer Cemetery in Union 51, I believe...

On the way down to Tumalo, Owen spent some quality time making wishes at the rest area. I just love this picture and couldn't resist.

This was a really cool place in Oregon--the Peter Skene Ogden Viewpoint on Highway 97, north of Redmond. The cliffs are about 300 feet high (or is it yards? I dunno--I'm bad with measurements), and go STRAIGHT DOWN. We were standing on an old highway bridge and took this picture.

This is when Owen wasn't feeling well. Can you tell? Dory was having quiet time on her own cot, too, and thankfully didn't catch whatever Owen had (she also didn't drink the reservoir water).

Just Mom and Owen chillin'. I think the ibuprofen was working...

Sean and my dad were being funny here...or so they thought, at least.

When the Cool-Black cousins get together, there's bound to be ice cream involved. This was on our day trip to Sisters, location of the best quilt shop ever (

So cute...ahhhh.

Another cute picture of Owen at the park in Sisters.

When we went to the river to take a dip, the rest of us adults were fine letting Sean wrangle the children (they had life vests on!).

And Sean taught Guyan how to make a "kazoo" out of grass (you know what I'm talking about, right? I don't know how else to describe it).

And this is how you could find my dad--sitting and reading--about 90% of the time. Of course. Three books in six days.

At the Lava Visitor's Center, the nature ranger was impressed with my cousin Nathan's knowledge--which Nathan had no problem sharing :-)

Here's almost the whole gang on the nature walk at the Lava Visitor's Center--Sean, my aunt Cindy's husband Dave (aka Dave A), my dad, Cindy, Diana, and the kids, Owen, Guyan, and my cousins Nathan and Lindsey.

Guyan also helped the ranger describe something about the lava rocks.

We took a walk in the Lave Tube Cave--it went for about a mile! Owen was okay with it at first, but preferred to be carried.

Group photo of the cave dwellers--back row: Dave A., my mom, my dad, front row: Nathan, Lindsey, Guyan, me, Sean and Owen.

Cheering on the Bellingham Bells minor league baseball team on the Fourth of July in Bend. Great fun, and our team beat 'em bad!

On our way home, we stopped to see Sean's sister Traci, her daughters Tanisha and Justine, and his mom Linda, who was visiting from Medford. Tanisha's baby X'zaijah turned 1 year old on the 4th of July, and was busy showing us all how quick she can move know that she's walking (but of course I didn't get a picture of that. Good one, Melinda).

And finally, Traci, Sean and Tanisha.

Phew! All done. Hopefully these post without a problem, and you get to enjoy our pictures!


Sean, Melinda/Mindy, Guyan and Owen


Kim C said...

Great photos! Looks like it was great fun. I admit, I didn't read it, just looked at your pictures. You blogging people are amazing; you are up there with you scrap booking people...Will my kids get older so I can do something fun? :) KC

Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh, totally cool!! Okay, so I have this thing where I think I must use the word cool in every post! :-)

But really great pictures! You looked like you had a great vacation. I hope we have as much fun when we go in September.

Your taking to this blogging thing quite well!! Good Job, Melinda!!