Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ferndale Pioneer Days Grand Parade

Ferndale had its annual Pioneer Days Grand Parade today. Guyan was in it, riding on the Cub Scout Pack 26 float. Unfortunately, I didn’t really get any good pictures of my own child, but the building in the back is over 100 years old...I focused on it for Pioneer Days, haha. You can see the float here--it was designed to conjure up the image of a pioneer schoolhouse. Use your was very good and won second place. And if you can find that little hand and the yellow Wolf hat in the middle…well, that’s Guyan. I also didn’t get any good pictures of Sean, who has fully committed to being Wolf Den Leader this next year. He’s even got the shirt…I know, I should get a picture of that! Next time...

Owen and I watched the parade, and did our best to gather up all the candy we could. Gotta love a good ol’ fashioned parade where children risk their lives for a Bit O’ Honey that their parent is just gonna pilfer from them anyway (who? me???).

After all that candy eating, where I should have been is with the Jazzercise ladies, working it all off. Maybe next year, when Owen’s five, he can sit on the sides and watch the parade while Mom, Dad and Guyan are all participating in it…heeheehee…I hope you all know I’m kidding.


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