Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cub Scout Pack 26 Parade Float Preparation

This past Saturday was the day to build the Cub Scouts' float for the Ferndale Pioneer Days parade. I usually work on Saturday mornings, so Owen and I went off to work while Guyan and Sean went to build the float. There were a handful of scouts there and their families--apparently the scouts had a good time building for a while. By the time Owen and I arrived, the scouts were all off playing in the woods, and the parents had taken over the building and painting.
We all had a great time--Owen had boundless energy (he is four, after all!).

The theme this year was "Pioneer Women" can imagine the reaction the Cub Scout Committee Members had when we found that out! Didn't think the scouts would go for dressing up in drag... We decided on building the float as a schoolhouse, with one of the scout moms (not me, thank goodness!) as the teacher. It turned out pretty good! My mom and dad lent us the trailer--quite a transformation, don't you think, Dad? These are pictures of the float not quite finished. Stay tuned for pictures of the final product after the parade next weekend.

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Nicole said...

Looks great! I will be looking for it this weekend!