Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Smokin' Mama

So just because I don't fish doesn't mean I didn't have a job to do. When we got home, Sean had to return to the daily grind (he's been incredibly busy this summer at work), so I was the Super-Salmon-Smoker-Extraordinaire.

After Sean and our neighbor filleted the fish (~24 pounds of salmon down to ~14 pounds), I brined the fish overnight in five different brines. We had a recipe from Sean's brother, a friend's neighbor, and three from the internet. A well-stocked pantry is fantastic--didn't have to run to the store for anything.

Never mind the messy kitchen. The smoker rack is strategically placed there to hide the pile o' junk that I had to shove to the other side of the counter to make room.

We borrowed our neighbor's Little Chief, and used our own to cram all the salmon in. Note to self--about three to three and a half salmon per smoker. I know I'll need that information again someday.

I didn't take any pictures when the salmon came out of the smoker, but our entire dining room table was covered with smoked salmon pieces and FoodSaver tools and bags. AND--I kept all five recipes straight! Labelled and in the freezer--see you at the potluck! We'll bring an appetizer!

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