Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Deceiving the Humpies

Last weekend, we took our last camping trip of the summer to Deception Pass. Eight years ago, when I was pregnant with Owen, we went to Deception Pass with Sean's dad and Lynne, just before he was diagnosed, and a year before he passed away. It was a fantastic, memorable vacation. Sean and his Dad caught several pink salmon, called "Humpies"--I think three or so. It's an odd-numbered year, so it was time for some Humpy fishing again.

The boys each had a fishing license, and Sean did a fantastic job of getting the boys going, threading their poles, casting, reeling in. I know nothing, so I sat and knitted. I also didn't get a license, so LEGALLY I could offer no assistance. Works for me, law-abiding citizen that I am.

The first fish were caught while I was still up at the campground. A fish had just bit on Sean's line, so he was dealing with it while another one bit on Guyan's line. Sean was trying to help Guyan by telling him what to do, but Owen was the real help, I hear. He stood in front of Guyan's line, braced himself and helped to hold the rod up--very important so the line doesn't snap and the fish gets away. Both Sean and the boys landed their fish--the boys' first fish was the biggest of the weekend, about five pounds! Sean has told this story to many people, and the pride in his voice is just great, every time. It'll be a family fish tale forever.

Here's Owen and Dad with a fish that Owen caught all by himself--with a tad of help bringing it in.

Guyan caught the most fish--we recorded four on his catch card for the weekend. He refused, however, to hold, clean, touch, or eat any of them.

But he would fake hold a fish for the camera, no problem.

Just five of the seven fish they caught.

Guyan still has the same opinion of the fish, but Owen has actually tried it, and (if Guyan isn't around), actually likes it.

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Michelle said...

That's the biggest smile I've ever seen on Sean's face! What a fun experience.