Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's Like Little House on the Prairie (or Sea?) Here

On one of the last days of summer vacation, Sean and the boys joined our good friend Dan, his son Henry, and their friend Tad on the waves (or lack thereof) of Bellingham Bay in search of crab. Dungeness...mmmmm.

First, the manly men had to find the right spots, the right depths, and the right amount of rope. Guyan...he just had to be patient.

But when it was time to pull up the pots, Guyan was helping out.

Wouldn't it be nice if this video worked...?

Lots of keepers in this pot! Not that the kids cared too much...I don't think Guyan, Henry, or Owen care for the taste of crab at all.

They placed several pots--two smaller ones, like in the above picture, and two big ones which were a bit heavy to pull up.

Sean sent me this picture on his phone. I was shocked to see Guyan holding a live crab, especially after he wouldn't touch the salmon from the weekend before. Did the boy not notice those big ol' CLAWS???

The captain and his motley crew.

After a while, they caught a crab that Owen was comfortable holding and snapped a few pictures with it before tossing it back...apparently not a keeper. Or maybe my little animal lover took pity on it.

He's a very photogenic child if I say so cute!

Back in the Bergmans' driveway it was another photo op...

...and crab massacre. yech! It was totally gross. Watch the video, at the end of the blog, if you dare. If you don't, here's a still shot of Sean with a "before" picture of the crab...right before its shell was pried off and guts spilled out into the bucket. *retch*

And finally, the massacre. You've been warned. And if the video link doesn't work, consider it karma, the good kind.

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