Friday, June 11, 2010

Brag Alert

We're so excited and proud! After a year of having it set as a personal goal, Guyan passed the Aiming High tests and will be participating in the program in the coming years. Yippeee! It's the Ferndale School District's Gifted/Talented type of program. They go to a different school for a day once a week with other Aiming High kids from other Ferndale elementaries. They delve into a few subjects in depth--next year two topics will be the Brain and Chemistry. Awesome!


Michelle said...

Congratulations, Guyan! Exciting news.
Henry got in too. We're bursting with pride over here, just like you guys. We can brag to eachother!

Cutzi said...

Aiming High saved my life.

All the best to Guyan! He'll love it, I'm sure.