Monday, June 14, 2010's not just for chocolate anymore

Graduation from Kindergarten! How sweet! That's his diploma there, sitting in the tupperware box with all his classmates' diplomas...

I'm including the pictures of the program just so that in thirty years, he can look his classmates up on Facebook.

In many and most ways, kindergarten was perfect for Owen--he has done very well in school, met lots of new friends, loved his teacher, and enjoyed nearly every minute of it. But that made it sad for him that it was coming to an end. He even said how it was fun to graduate, but sad for it to end. And hence, we learn that "bittersweet" can refer to more than just chocolate.
He was very proud when Ms. Bell gave him his diploma, his face lit up with a big smile.

And then came the pictures...first with Dad...

...and Ms. Bell...

...and then his friends. All of the boys had scattered, but the girls were posing for pictures left and right. At first Owen was in to it, and got a picture with Mary (one of the coolest 6-year-old girls ever).

...and then with Alexa and Mary. At this time I think he was aware that all the boys were gone, and what the heck was he doing getting his picture taken??? After this, he was released, and found the cookies. THAT's where the real celebration is, right?

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