Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ski to Sea 2010 - The Road Bike Leg

Sean competed in Ski to Sea today. After the first leg of the relay course, things weren't looking so good...his cross-country skiing teammate was, reportedly, the last participant to finish that leg. But, by the time the rest of his teammates were finished, they finished at about the 50th percentile overall. Sean's own unofficial results for his portion were 1 hour, 39 minutes (a 38 mile course) and he passed 65 other cyclists. He was happy.

Here he is coming in the final turn--Owen, Guyan, Nathan and I were there to cheer him on. And that annoying little dot on my camera. Shows up unnanounced and randomly. Grrr...

And just about to cross the finish line...

And finally, Sean, giving us a short synopsis. He said he's so fidgety in this video, but I say it was the endorphins. Only three more legs to complete--cross-country skiing (hopefully he can do better than...), mountain biking, and the final leg, kayaking.


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Cutzi said...

Yay! I love race day so much. Your post reminded me of something I said to Justin on the way down the mountain. I was commenting on a couple of bikers saying, "Look at these guys! It would suck to be a good cyclist and have somebody hand off to you super late." If Sean's ever looking for another team - let me know. Justin's team might need somebody next year.