Thursday, January 14, 2010

Snowshoe Adventurers

"Hey Owen! Come look at this....sit right here...."

I should have known. I totally should have known.

After fuming at Guyan for a few minutes, I finally let it slide and was ready for the snowshoe hike. We were gonna have FUN FAMILY TIME, darnit! Except that the boys were much happier sitting on the snow and making snowballs, eating snow, etc.
But as long as we sat still with the boys, we did get some good pictures.

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Kim C. said...

This looks like it was AWESOME. I cannot wait to do this with the girls. Kerry not quite ready yet... but maybe on SL's back??? :)
I'll have to get the low down from you on good locations...Ahhhh... the snow looks so much better than all this RAIN! ;)