Saturday, August 2, 2008

Riiiiiide, Sean-ry, Ride!

This hasn't gotten into the posts yet, but have I told you what Sean's been up to this summer? He has taken to riding his bicycle. Perhaps the cost of fuel, the death of our Isuzu Rodeo in May, and only one modern car until mid-June had something to do with it. Bike riding isn't an entirely new development--he commuted by bike in college, and has completed a couple bike rides, including the Seattle to Portland ("STP") in 2002. Usually, each spring/summer, he chooses a race or two (running or biking) to train for, and gets his exercise in that way.

His first race this summer wasn't *just* a bike ride--he did his first triathlon! It was a "sprint length" triathlon (is that what they call it?) at Clear Lake Washington. A sprint (yeah, right!) includes a 1/3-mile swim, a 14.8-mile bike ride and finishes off with a 4-mile run. The photo below is pre-race, at the transition area.

After that, he needed another event to keep him going. Enter the Tour de Whatcom. With 25, 50 and 100-mile options, Sean and his friend Kevin (a neighbor of ours) chose the 100-mile option. UGH. Crazy man. But they had tons of fun.

The boys and I met Sean and Kevin at a couple of the pit stops along the Tour. An absolutely beautiful day for a bike ride (although I would have opted for a 5-10 mile cruise, I think).
This is Sean (and Kevin, just ahead of him) leaving Birch Bay....oh! and look--that's our new Prius, off to the left. Isn't it purdy?

I was trying to get a picture of Kevin, but Sean must have thought the photo needed "something more."

And up next? I think it's going to be the Ride 542 Mt. Baker Hill Climb. Did you notice the "Mt." and the "Hill" in the title? A 25-mile ride with 4300 ft elevation gain. You make the call--mountain or hill? Good luck, Sean!

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