Saturday, August 2, 2008

Budding Artists

Guyan and Owen both had art camps last week, and loved them! Owen's theme was "Jungle Boogie," while Guyan's was "The Land of Enchantment." A big thank you to Grandma and Grandpa Black for subsidizing the camps!

Guyan's camp was five days long, and on the last day, family was invited to come to an "Art Show" to view his creations. We had to make sure that Owen also got his due (his mini-camp did not host an art show), so on Thursday night, we opened the Cool Gallery to invited guests--Grandma & Grandpa, Uncle Ryan, Aunt Lizzie, Cindy, Dave, Nathan and Lindsey. We served refreshments as well--root beer floats, of course. Thanks to all of you for coming--Owen definitely felt special, and enjoyed showing off his new-found talent.

Owen's art was impressive! He drew a parrot (he answered questions about it at the art show, see below, and it's now on display at Grandma's house), a monkey (his favorite), and a tiger (ummm...not his favorite, but I love it!).

Guyan did very nice work as well. He's pretty talented, and you can always find little details that he adds in as his own touch...there's wood nymphs hiding in the fairy drawing, for might not be able to see them since they're really small. All of these drawings are treasures--when you come to visit, you can admire both boys' art class projects on our permanent "art show wall"--I'm sure they'll bask in the attention, and answer any questions you might have about their art and inspiration!


Michelle said...

Owen and Guyan - I am so totally impressed! Such talent. I can barely draw a straight line and you guys are creating real art. Congratulations on your art shows! Michelle

Michelle said...

DUDE!!!! Did your boys REALLY TOTALLY draw those? That is FABULOUS!!!!! Owen! Wow!!!! And Guyan, he did a better job than I could ever do! Of course I am not artistic in the least! And, too funny of a wondering what the hell you are doing on that ride at the fair! Love the quilt! You are extremley talented! AWESOME WORK, girl! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog! I'll be anxious to read what comes next! See ya in the a.m.! oh, maybe not...I teach tomorrow for Em so I won't work out in the morning!
~ Michelle