Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cascade Lake and Fishing

We spent a few hours that morning hanging out around our campsite, just being lazy.
Yellowstone 029Yellowstone 032
But then it was time to get going, to actually do something.  Sean had spent some time talking to the fishing experts at the sporting goods shop in Canyon Village, and they had told him that Cascade Lake was a good place for trout.  About 5 miles round trip, and close to our campground, it sounded like a great place—fishing for Sean and the kids, knitting for me.
Within a few minutes after arriving at the lake (a hot, dry hike, with raincoats at the car), these clouds rolled in.
Yellowstone 033
We weren’t convinced that the storm was coming to us, so they fished a bit…
Yellowstone 034
…and caught only algae.
Yellowstone 037
The thunder was sounding, and we saw a few flashes of lightning so we called it good and headed back, with an eye out for wildlife.  Several times, we got excited by something moving on the other side of this meadow…other hikers, on another trail.
Mostly, we saw a lot of downed trees from the 1988 fires, and hoped that the burned trees still standing and creaking and swaying in the stormy afternoon did not finally fall that afternoon.  Thankfully, none did.
We did see a couple bison through some trees, but no pictures since they were hard to see, and we were realizing that bison are everywhere in Yellowstone, anyway.

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