Monday, August 12, 2013

Bison, Bison Everywhere

After the North Rim of the canyon, we set out to Hayden Valley, a good place for wildlife.  In Guyan’s words:

“Today we saw TONS! of bison!  It was CRAZY!  I got some good pictures…  I think I saw more bison than I’ve seen rabbits in my whole life!!!  We see even more bison than chipmunks here!!!” 

Yellowstone 036Yellowstone 053Yellowstone 057Guy Yellowstone 008Yellowstone 095Yellowstone 085

FYI…Many of these pictures were taken near the Mary Mountain Trailhead.  Three days later, after we left this area of the park, two hikers (out of a group of four) were attacked by a grizzly bear about one mile down the trail.  So much for the idea that grizzlies never attack groups of three or more hikers.  Good thing we got two bear spray cans.  By the way, the hikers used their bear spray (two cans) and were treated and released the same day.

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