Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Nephew Nolan

Liz posted some pictures of Nolan on Facebook last night, as promised, but with the new fandangled changes Facebook has made, they didn't show up for me--I had to do some digging. Then I thought there might be quite a few of you out there that 1) don't "do" facebook; 2) if you do "do" facebook, might not be "Friends" with Liz and able to see her picture; or 3) you do "do" Facebook, you are "Friends" with her, and you still can't find the me.

So here they are! Baby Nolan, less than 24 hours old!


Michelle said...

Ahhh.. He's so sweet! That last photo - he looks like a cute little elf. :-) Congratulations to all!

Kim C. said...

ohmygosh, he's perfect! Adorable!!

Megan R. said...

Very sweet Melinda! My favorite posts are about new babies!