Monday, May 25, 2009

Mothers' Tea

Every year for Mother's Day, Christ Lutheran Christian Preschool holds a Mothers' Tea (Mothers/Mother's/I dunno). It's great--it's Owen's and my favorite activity of the year. The kids bake muffins and make cards for the moms, and make a special gift.

This year, the gift was a quilted wall hanging of the child's drawing. In March and April, I became very familiar with those wall hangings, as I volunteered and did them all (there are six preschool classes with I think 76 kids total--yes, that was a self-congratulatory pat on the back right there). They were so cute! The only one I didn't do was Owen's--his teacher, Mrs. Johnson, did that one for me. Owen's picture has a rainbow heart in the middle with the word "LOVE," plus pictures of all our family members (including Freckle, of course).

As a very special treat, Grandma Black also got to come to Mother's Tea. She donated all the fabrics and batting for the quilts, and wanted to see the mothers' reactions too.

Ahhh...the last Mother's Tea. Owen says he'll have tea parties with me, if I want...I'll probably take him up on that.

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Cutzi said...

Ok.. so I know this post was about the tea and the wall hangings... but I have to say - the Mama is looking awfully cute (and skinny minny) these day!!

Good job Melinda!