Monday, May 25, 2009

Before we move on...

I lied. I thought this was going to be about the big May highlight--preschool graduation--but in looking through photos, I found three more big May highlights--the boys' Art Show, Mother's Tea, and Ski to Sea. I can't skip them! Forgive me... First, the Art Show.

Guyan's artwork that he chose to display in the BellinghamArt Show was his harbor scene. In this piece, the students studied shadows and reflections. Typical of Guyan's drawings, it has a lot of detail, which may not be too evident in this picture.

The art show is at the same time as the Bellingham Children's Art Walk, where artwork from students in Bellingham is displayed all through downtown. BellinghamArt (where the boys take classes) had a small display in a fancy furniture store with about ten pieces or so. Guyan's most recent piece, the Taj Mahal, was displayed there. Very cool!

Owen's Teddy Bear was his display piece. The art studio also chose his piece to be featured (along with six or so other students' pieces) on their postcard to advertise the art show. What an honor!

Grandma and Grandpa came to the Art Show also. As the financiers of art school tuition this year, we'd like to REALLY thank them. The boys have loved their classes, and have learned a lot. For both of them, art class was a highlight of their week, every week.

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