Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Guyan's First Day of School

So, um, yeah, Guyan started second grade at his brand new school...two weeks ago. When I saw that my friend Candace, mother of five (the youngest being 4 months old), had posted her children's first day pictures, I figured I'd better get on task.

Ferndale School District built a brand new school, Cascadia Elementary, practically in our front yard, just across Church Road. You can see it just over the burgundy colored bush in this picture taken right before Guyan headed off for his first day.

All of the Grouse Circle contingent can now walk to school. Fabulous! All I have to do is give a nice, good shove after the kiss goodbye, and he's halfway there!

Guyan was quite a sport and let me take pictures ad nauseum. Great kid!Cascadia is still figuring out the rules on what to do before school with the kids. The current idea is to have them like up in their class groups...this works fine on brilliant weather days (like we've had for the past two weeks), but not sure what the plan will be when we get regular Ferndale weather.

And in another couple weeks I'll post the photos of Owen's first day, which was last honestly, I'll try to get to those soon!



A and C said...

No worries about how long it takes to post. If you do it right, you can teach your kids how to update and they can do it for you while you quilt! After you post Owen's first day, please post a pic of the quilt you have been tirelessly working on. I would love to see it!

Jen said...

Helloooooo Melinda,
Love your blog - - and gee that first day of school looks very familiar. How lucky that you guys are now so close - so nice!
Can you send me your email address (I tried the old one @msn which didn't work). My email is I have some info regarding an upcoming baby lunch - the date is Nov. 1st and I'll give more details via email.
I love reading up and checking on the Cools - - great job!!! :) love, jen