Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Aftter looong delay--Owen's First Day

Guyan had his first day of school on Wednesday, September 3rd, and Owen's first day was the following Tuesday. Oh, the pain and agony of waiting! Owen was very disappointed that he had to wait.

Owen's best buddy, Sophia, is in Kindergarten this year. While he does miss her, it hasn't been the devestation that I was expecting. He's showing that he too can adapt and make the best of a situation. Kodi is a buddy from last year--most of the time, they get along fine, but both of them are willing to, umm, let their voice be heard if they aren't happy with the situation (and whining is heard, and yelling, but thankfully not hitting, usually).

Owen also has Alice in his class. He and Alice play a little together, but she is a girly-girl, and he's the testosterone super-hero boy. The big deal about them being classmates is that Alice's mom, Michelle, is one of my best buddies. In fact, I could probably find a buddy picture of Michelle and I looking kinda like the one of Kodi and Owen, above...

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