Thursday, August 12, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, my sister Liz, her husband Dustin, and their absolutely adorable little kiddo Nolan came to visit. I think I got a couple pictures of others besides Nolan.

'Da boyz.

Nolan spent a lot of time sucking his toes. I wondered if my boys could still do it. Apparently, yes, they can.

Nolan would like to be a veteranarian or a dentist. He's not sure. Freckle was really good with him. Really.

See the blue eyes? You can trace the path of inheritance in this photo pretty well.

And on a random note, this picture of my dad. It REALLY makes me want to open a Facebook account for him and use this as his profile. So tempting.

And one final picture of the cutie pie. Awwww....I remember giving Guyan a bath in this sink. Today, he could probably only wash his feet in it (but we won't, Grandma, don't worry).

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