Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ferm-ent-a-tion, keep the rhythm goin'

So the bubbling started, and it progressed into a nice fermentation. it might look like mud, but it smells great! This past weekend, it was time to move the beer from the primary fermenter to the secondary fermenter... This required a siphon. What fun.

Sean got the siphon going first, and about half the beer moved into the secondary fermenter with no problem. But then an air bubble started, and we had to do it again...Let's just say it took a while to get it right, and the picture below ("Mastering the art of Siphoning") tells the story better than I could...

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Michelle said...

Darn! I wanted the photo of you in your Grandma PJs, standing on the counter, helping the siphon along. Come on, please. Share, share!